Cembrit Patina Rough

Cembrit Patina Rough has a surface that creates a natural, cast, or engineered stone cladding finish but at the price and reduced structural cost of lightweight rainscreen cladding.

Smooth on the outside. Tough on the inside.

Cembrit Patina Rough is a rustic fibre cement board with a tough, textured surface. Behind its rugged outside, is the steady core of high-quality fibre cement – a material, ideal for exterior and interior facade. Patina Rough is a genuinely through-coloured board with a sand-blasted surface, that gives an attractive and stone-effect finish to your building design. Subtle variations in colour and texture add a vibrant expression and more importantly, it adds character. Each Cembrit Patina Rough facade board is created to be unique. This façade board has a rough yet calm expression. With the combination of Patina Original and the Patina Rough, you can enhance the different areas of your building.


Cembrit Patina Rough comes in a range of colours.

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